This past weekend, I had the privilege of being one of the speakers and the livestream coach at Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success Conference in Atlanta.  Despite the fact that this was my third year being a part of his conference and that I am an instructor in his Success Institute, every year I find value in the insight he shares.  Of course, it is laced in humor but what I find most valuable is how real and honest he is when it comes to what you need to be successful.

In life you set out to start your business or you choose your career because you have a gift, expertise in you (which I call your FIERCE) that you know can be the answer to a group of people that need that gift in you, while it also positions you to make money while you do it.   But the questions is, are you really ready to go after the abundance with your name on it? Here are the 12 things that Steve shared with us that successful people do that can and will move you toward the success that is yours for the taking.

12 Things Successful People Do

  1. They Create & Pursue S.M.A.R.T Goals
  2. They Take Decisive & Immediate Action
  3. They Focus on Being Productive, Not Being Busy
  4. They Make Logical, Informed Decisions
  5. They Avoid the Trap of Trying to Make Things Perfect
  6. They Work Outside of Their Comfort zone
  7. They Keep Things Simple
  8. They Focus on Making Small, Continuous Progress
  9. They Measure & Track Their Progress
  10. They Maintain a Positive Outlook as they Learn From Their Mistakes
  11. They Spend Time with the Right People
  12. They Maintain Balance in Their Life.

Over the next 6 weeks here in my blog and my weekly facebook LIVE training, I will deep dive into each of these 12 topics so that you move toward the success, the abundance that is yours for the taking.   What Steve reminded me is to up level my faith and actions to get in alignment with the next level of abundance that is available to not just me but to all of us.  I know I left the Act Like a Success Conference ready to up level my own actions to move into exceedingly abundantly above all I could ask or think!  Doing this work years ago is what moved my own business from broke to bankable!

You have to know that when you align your thoughts, with your actions and you begin to live abundantly, I am not just talking about greater money coming to you but when you make more money, you are able to do more good in the world and that goodness comes right back to you!  Think about what’s possible when you move past struggle or success and into significance!   Just saying that makes me excited about what greater is on its way to me as I expand MY thinking. 


Are you ready to go after the abundance with your name on it?

Are you a business owner and not making the money you desire or deserve?

Do you want more people to be touched, moved & inspired by you as you stand fully in being the answer and make more money while you do it? 

Are you ready to create multiple streams of income? 

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I am teaching you how to build multiple streams of income from what you already know and really teaching you and coaching you on how to show up powerfully in your position to be the answer to someone’s prayer.  Because you are. That is what you do when you stand in the full power of your gift!  Check out the details here