FIERCE Framework Assessment

1.Do You Love being around people?
2.Are you Outgoing?
3.Are you the Life of the party?
4.Do you enjoy working in a fast pace?
5.Are you Communicative & Open?
6.Do you tend to think out load?
7.Do you dislike crowds and prefer spending time alone?
8.Are you Shy & Quiet?
9.Do you Avoid being the center of attention?
10.Do you Enjoy working in a slower pace?
11.Are you Distant & Aloof?
12.Do you Like to think things through?
13.Do you trust what is certain & tangible?
14.Do you Like new ideas only if they are practical?
15.Do you value what is practical & common sensible?
16.Are you Focused on today?
17.Are you straight –thinking & matter of fact?
18.Do you Like to use & hone established skills?
19.Do you function from experience?
20.Do you trust inspiration & insight?
21.You just like new ideas period?
22.Do you Value imagination & innovation?
23.Are you focused on possibilities?
24.Are you general & conceptual?
25.Likes to learn new skills & gets bored easily?
26.Looks for meaning & purpose in things?
27.Are you Methodical & Commonsensical?
28.Do you questions things?
29.Do you naturally see flaws & tend to be critical?
30.Are you Objective & Rational?
31.Do you seek information & data?
32.Is it more important to be truthful than tactful?
33.One standard for all?
34.Are you Compassionate & Authentic?
35.Do you make commitments?
36.Do you naturally like to please others and show appreciation?
37.Do you base decisions on your personal values?
38.Do you values empathy & relationship-centered?
39.Is it more important to be tactful than truthful?
40.Do you see the exception to the rule?
41.Are you happier making decisions?
42.Do you set goals and meets deadlines?
43.Are you Organized & Orderly?
44.Accepts responsibility?
45.Likes to know what you are getting into?
46.Is excited when finish with a project?
47.Are you happier leaving things flexible?
48.Do you go with the flow?
49.Are you Adjustable & Accommodating?
50.Likes to keep options open?
51.Liked to adapt to new situations?
52.Is excited when starting?