In the continuation of our series on the 12 Things Successful People Do I Learned from Steve Harvey as we focus on #2 – They Take Decisive & Immediate Action &  #3 – They Focus on Being Productive, Not Being Busy

In today’s super high paced, demanding world, being “busy” is looked at as a good thing.  As if to say, I am important and that my schedule is so full because I am doing things.  When in all actuality just because you are busy it does not mean you are being productive.

Think about it, the difference between taking decisive thought out actions and just doing busy work.  See you can be busy but is what is on your agenda moving your business, your purpose, your FIERCE forward?    Let’s stop focusing on being busy and focus on what do you need to get done and the best way to do it.   Here are a few ways to do it.

1. Make a To Do List. You start by looking at your S.M.A.R.T. goals (I talked about that in last week’s blog) and from your S.M.A.R.T. goals making a to do list.  What are all the things you need to make happen by when?

2. Prioritize Your List. What needs to happen first, second, third etc….  Instead of just filling your time with tasks, you also want to be selective with what you do and when.  In other words, you want to plan strategically.  This is one of the things I work my clients through with my Equalize System.  You want to look at you list of things to do and be realistic around when you can make them happen.   Like I know I write best in the morning so this blog is always written first thing when my ideas of fresh and my creativity flows.   If I put this on my things to do ay 12pm, it would NEVER happen.  So stop focusing on any action at any time and get clear on what action you do and at what time.  As you prioritize the order and when they get done be realistic with how much time it will take as well.

3. No is a Complete Answer. As you start to set your priorities, know that things will come up that can and will divert your attention if you allow them = impede on your progress. Meetings with important strategic partners, doctors’ appointments with your kids, etc…. and you have to be like a dog on a bone and tell people NO. Matter of fact, I often call it find a way to say yes so it feels less like a no.  So, first assess if it IS something you need to do, if it is you may something like, “I can’t do it at that time but I CAN do it at this time” give people an alternate so that what you have planned out does not stop because you said yes to something that is not the best use of your time RIGHT NOW!  In other words, what you saying in not right now.   However, if whatever it is, is not the highest and best use of your time, no is a complete sentence.

4. Track Your Progress. For some of your goals, it can take a while to get there. So instead of being frustrated that it is taking so long, remind yourself of all that you have accomplished.  By focusing on what you have already done it will keep your momentum going so that ALL of your seed time will eventually produce the harvest = accomplishment of your goals  

It’s time to stop focusing on being busy and focus on being productive.  As you do,  you begin to move your dreams, your desires forward without all the unnecessary busyness being in your way and you stay in ACTION toward your goals.


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