Today is Valentine’s Day, a day where so many of us think of romantic love.  However, as the CEO of your business, you should also be putting LOVE into your business.  Just by focusing on 3 ways to LOVE in your business, this love will lead you to making MORE money  – which we all love right?.  So let me walk you through 3 Ways to Put LOVE in your Business.

#1 – Doing What You LOVE. Often as I have the privilege to travel as a speaker and meet women business owners all over the country. What I don’t always hear, is that you’re doing what you love and for years when I wasn’t in a business that   love, I just simply HATED getting up in the morning.  Have you ever been in a place in your career where you just couldn’t get up or you dread Monday morning? That’s because you’re not doing what you’re meant to do.

This is actually the basis of my Find Your Fierce framework, because you’ve got to know what you absolutely love, and what you’re passionate about so that you can put that to work in your business. Those of you that haven’t started a business yet, I want you to think about the thing you loved doing at your favorite job, or the thing you did that you enjoyed at any job you’ve had. Those of you that are already in business, what’s the thing that you absolutely love about your business.  THAT is what you SHOULD be doing MORE of each and every day.

What I absolutely love is coaching women to get clear on what they love and what they are great at and get paid for it.  Because my gift is drawing out what’s best in you and that gift hasn’t shifted because I moved from receiving a paycheck to writing my own. When I worked in the entertainment industry and worked in casting, what I did and got paid for, was pulling out the best of people. When I left casting, I started working in management with comedians. What I did and got paid for,  was pulling out the best in people. Then I shifted my career and started working with teenage girls and even when I got offered to teach at a graduate level at a university, actually not one but two, what did I get paid for?  Teaching people how to develop programs that pulls out the best in them.  So, my number one question to you is, what do you love and how do we build a business around it?

#2 – How Do You Show Love? As a business owner how do you show love to your clients? This is, as I always say,  all about dating before you put a ring on it!  You’ve got to court your clients. You got to show them you care. But, how do you show them love on an ongoing basis? By giving them value. It could be a weekly Periscope video, a Free Webinar or an eBook you give as a gift.  

It’s like this, when I was dating my husband, he was the only man, that came to give value to my life, which is why I let him put a ring on it.  Of course, there are men that I dated before my husband, but those relationships did not value & honor me. You’ve got to show people that you value who they are. You got to give before you get, right?   So in what ways can you give value to your clients?  Think of all the ways you can give them value as you court them all the way to a sale.

#3 – Only Work with People That You Love. Now let me tell you, all money ain’t good money!  When it doesn’t feel good to you, trust and believe it doesn’t feel good to the client.

When you are desperate in your business you are in life saver mode and you’re looking to be rescued. Let me be clear with you. You don’t need to be rescued. Matter of fact, let me pull out the boat for you right now and say, “Take off that life saver, stop trying to be rescued and be clear on positioning your gift.”   See, when you’re not clear on positioning your gift the right way around what you love and what you at great at, you take any money that comes to you. When you take any money that comes to you, it doesn’t feel good because it is not in alignment with who you be. Sometimes you’re working in ways in your business that just don’t feel good, because you’re desperate for the money.  Instead, focus on putting love in every area of your business. When you’re doing what you love, you’re clear on who you are, you’re adding value to your clients, the right people come to you.

And see with just these 3 areas of LOVE added into your business it brings profit to you. 

YES it’s really is that simple.

The world IS waiting for you!

That is why I am calling all women passionpreneurs (yes I made up my own word)  to discover the power of what you’re passion about + your purpose = cash in on your calling! 

I am inviting you to join me for my 4 city Find Your FIERCE Tour

The thing you LOVE is your gift and it’s aching to come out of you, and people need it.  Matter of fact THEY NEED IT & WILL PAY FOR IT!

At the workshop, I will share with you at each of the 4 cities in the tour, I am going to walk you through the 4 steps you need to create multiple streams of income from doing what you LOVE and what you are GREAT AT!

The event is a 4-hour workshop for women who;

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I can’t wait to give you LOVE and show you how LOVE leads you to your profit!